Our vision is to generate funds for conservation and social upliftment initiatives through innovating engaging communications.

Flint Sky interactive is a small, dedicated team of individuals based in Cape Town South Africa. Partners Athol Moult and Di Botha have pooled their skills and experience in the communication, design and advertising industries to focus on innovative projects that can change the way the world thinks about and responds to environmental, social and sustainability issues.

Sparking change!


Innovation is key to all solutions. To achieve this, the partnership believes in the strength of collaboration - with NGO’s and the corporate sector who identify with the Flint Sky vision, as well as other communication agencies and like minded creative professionals. Every project taken on is underwritten by doing good; Flint Sky believes in the power of humanity to do good; we're challenged to create platforms that make this process simpler, more engaging, and easier for people to realise how little it takes for a collective effort to make a significant difference.

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