Flint Sky Interactive Release ‘WWF Rhino Raid’ mobile game to combat poaching

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It’s about the most Rad-ical rhino to run across your screen – ever! WWF Rhino Raid is an exciting sidescrolling runner that tells the story of Rad the Rhino and his quest to save his species by outwitting the poachers.

 In the face of the heightening scourge of rhino poaching in South Africa, Flint Sky Interactive and WWF South Africa have just completed development on a mobile game that delivers anti-poaching messaging and facts about rhinos.

The purchase of the gaming app for US$1.99 provides financial support of WWF’s rhino projects and counter poaching initiatives. Gameplay integrates messaging on facts around rhinos while debunking myths behind the consumption of rhino horn. Players also learn more about the supply chain that’s feeding the demand for rhino horn.

Designed and directed by Flint Sky’s Athol Moult, internationally renowned illustrator Kris ‘Kronk’ Hewitt and musician Markus Wormstorm also lent their considerable talents to the game’s character design and music respectively. The game’s code was written by Tasty Poison Games for both Android and Apple’s iOS platforms and will be available globally from late April on the iTunes, Google Play and Samsung App Stores.

Says Athol Moult, “This all-South African team has delivered a first-class game, one that is a fantastic mix of art, design, music and action, all the while fighting for a great cause both on and off the screen”.

The global rise of mobile gaming provides the ideal platform to reach an audience of millions. Within this audience the game has the ability to influence current and future generations of people around the world, whose exposure to the rhino poaching problem to date has been non-existent. Of particular importance is reaching the Asian markets where both mobile gaming and the rhino horn market are huge.


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